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Cyber Security Awareness Week is the largest student-run cyber security event in the nation, featuring six competitions, keynote presentations, workshops, and an industry fair. IIT Kanpur is the official partner of NYU and will be running CSAW events in parallel and the event is co-branded as CSAW NYU IIT Kanpur.

Every year, it brings undergraduate and graduate students together with academic and professional experts to discuss the tools and techniques used by attackers and defenders throughout the field, while students of every academic level (from high school to doctoral) compete in a range of challenges designed to motivate, educate and showcase industry talent.

This year, CSAW is partnering with NYU Abu Dhabi, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur and Grenoble INP - ESISAR to expand its reach as an international competition with worldwide impact. Click the buttons above for information on CSAW, CSAW NYU Abu Dhabi and CSAW Europe.


Capture The Flag

Realistic offensive security competition that tests and teaches at the same time.


A security game show; questions range from current events to the highly technical.

Law & Policy Competition

Students are given a security threat; it's up to them to draft a policy to forestall it.

Embedded Security Challenge

A red team/blue team face-off that simulates a real-world hardware attack.

Applied Research Competition

A team of experts gather to evaluate the best doctoral security research worldwide.