• Maximum team size is two persons
  • You cannot be a member of two or more teams at once
  • No electronic devices can be used during the quiz rounds
  • Teams and team members may not leave the competition space once the round has started
  • Vulgar, offensive or belligerent language or actions will result in point deductions or disqualification
  • All teams must participate in a qualifying round to be in the final round
  • Teams must be the same in qualifying and final rounds (we are taking fingerprints this year!)
  • Distribution of points is at the discretion of the judges
  • No whiteboard hacking (do not attempt to steal other teams' answers)


  • There are 50 questions in each round
  • Each question is worth one point
  • Ten teams from the preliminary round may qualify for the final round


  • Qualifying and finals teams will go head to head in case of a tie
  • Tie breaker begins with Best out of Three Questions
  • It proceeds to Sudden Death Questioning
  • Participation by CSAW challenge leads and organizers is prohibited

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